21 Sexiest Beach Bars

#2 Da Conch Shack

We know there’s no better way to end a day in the sun than with a cold one in your hand. That’s why we’re counting down the world’s best beach bars. One bar for each year that makes you legal. Da Conch Shack sits right on the beach in beautiful Provo, Turks and Caicos. In true island spirit, it’s famous for two things: fresh local seafood and a wide selection of rum. As the name suggests, conch is the house specialty but the in-season grouper, snapper and lobster are not to be missed.

World’s 50 best beach bars

Da Conch Shack, Provo, Turks and Caicos, B.W.I.

With more seafood than you can stare at and more rum than you can throw up, Da Conch Shack in Provo, Turks and Caicos stakes a solid claim for the greatest beach bar in the British West Indies. They’ll pull conch right out of the sea and slice it up for you there and then, they’ll keep pouring you rums till you beg them to stop and they’ll even serve a great grilled jerk chicken dish, if you overload on fresh seafood. It’s unpretentious, fun, and casual, and for an island that’s not overrun with places to choose from, the prices aren’t too steep either.

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And for your last meal in paradise, nothing beats Da Conch Shack (entrées $15–$50). Here, you can try conch in a fresh, citrusy salad, lightly battered and fried, or in a flavorful curry. Wash it all down with one of the restaurant’s potent rum drinks or a locally brewed Turk’s Head beer.

Though you can get conch anywhere, the ideal spot is da Conch Shack, with white picnic tables on Blue Hills beach, just west of Grace Bay Beach. Before ordering, stroll to the beach to watch as giant buckets of fresh conch are emptied, each cracked open and its rubbery insides tossed onto a wooden table. Then sit down at a picnic table just a few steps from the water, take off your shoes, dip your feet into the sand and decide how you want your conch. Curried? Sautéed? Diced up and served ceviche-style? Definitely don’t skip the conch fritters, which are golden brown, moist and chewy. You can also order them in conch chowder, or as fried strips known as cracked conch.

Channel 5 Visits da Conch Shack!

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The Scene

With picnic tables right on Blue Hill Beach, this locals’ favorite is as laid back as it gets. Another big draw is the fresh conch that’s kept in pens on the water’s edge. If you’re on a serious cocktail mission, try the Shipwreck, but be careful that you’re not left stranded on the beach. Don’t Miss: Anything with conch—conch fritters, conch salad, cracked conch, conch sauté, or conch chowder. “I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t relax at da RumBar.” Keeping it simple, RumBar puts tables right on the sand and serves up entertainment and economy-friendly cocktails.

A must-stop for any visitor to Provo is Da Conch Shack, an out-of-the-way place on the beach in the Blue Hills neighborhood. Being here is the closest most of us will ever get to feeling like a castaway. A few pretty shacks, scattered picnic tables and a simple outdoor bar have all the makings of the most rockin’ party on the island, even before the clock strikes noon. By 11 a.m. bartender John Wayne (really, that’s his real name, or so he says) was grooving to reggae and blending up some rum punch. And while the drinking is good, the eating is even better. Da Conch Shack is all about the conch, pulled fresh from the ocean in front of you and cooked to order.

da Conch Shack

You can’t visit Turks & Caicos without trying their island delicacy. Conch is found in large conch shells (the pretty cream and pink coloured ones you’ll find at all the shops), and at The Conch Shack they are harvested fresh out of the water a couple hundred feet away from the restaurant, shelled and then fried up fresh in so many concoctions you could spend the day trying all the different ways they enjoy this seafood. It’s not only a tourist spot; it’s a local favourite

Da Conch Shack is perhaps the most popular beach bar on Turks & Caicos – and that’s definitely saying something, considering the many popular spots for castaways to wash up on these island shores.

Known for the “Conchknocker”, their signature drink that features plenty of rum, this vibrantly hued ramshackle beach shack is justifiably famous for their fresh conch and seafood dishes, all broiled, spiced, cracked, and fried to perfection. All best enjoyed with your toes in the sand or hanging off the wooden deck on the water’s edge, of course!

There are also live reggae DJs on Sunday afternoons, theme music nights, and even some friendly stray dogs at this beach bar that keeps a neighborhood vibe even though it has achieved international attention.